Erin Johnston

Hungry Erin

Hungry Erin is a food blog I created to document my food journey. I created the branding , social media graphics, videos, food photography, and website.

Four years ago, I found myself feeling fatigued, irritable, and sick. After visiting doctors I discovered I had many intolerances. As someone who loves all food, I was devastated to receive this news and had no idea where to start in terms of following my new diet. There were foods that doctors told me not to eat that didn’t make me feel bad, and foods that I was told were okay to eat that made me feel bad.  My blog is about my journey to understanding my own body and what foods to feed it so that I feel my best.

In addition to understanding how food makes me feel, I collaborate with restaurants to share who they are, where they source their products, what they serve, and ultimately what they do to create an experience for the customer.

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